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We create scenarios and new opportunities by blending innovative projects and sponsorship. With this mission gave birth to OMNIA Sponsorship, a spin off that completes the OMNIA Relations offer. The focus is very clear and concrete: to respond to tangible objectives for the investment value return with extra quid, giving the ability to work even on less tangible items such as the effect of emotional resonance and customer loyalty. All this – in respect of values and mission of each individual company and institution.

OMNIA Sponsorship was created to build and grow special projects that will allow a new dialogue between the public and private sectors, strengthening cooperation and active participation.

OMNIA Sponsorship works for:

  • Organizations and institutions that require competent and practical advice on the feasibility of projects with private support, which is not only identification and development of sponsorship, but also networks of proactive partnership for the project development and for the territory enhancement
  • Companies looking for selected projects in order to play an active role in realizing special solutions, with high business and media return – all to create value and to enhance the brand perception.

We interact, share and participate in order to create value