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New international markets create the need for companies to communicate effectively not only with the EU countries, but with the whole world. This is why Omnia has started OMNIA International, a spin-off devoted to international online and offline communication.

Database of more than 30.000 contacts (with particular attention to France, the UK, Germany, Spain, the USA and Russia), a team of translators and local correspondents, dedicated staff at the headquarters in Italy (OMNIA Factory) – all this guarantees effective, 360-degree communication, even abroad. This consolidated working method is applied in Europe, the United States and Russia with proper variations: so that OMNIA International opens new markets for international

Press Office / the International department staff follows the overall activities of OMNIA Relations keeping to all the strategic and communication concepts.

  • Translation and submission of press material (press kits, press releases, invitations)
  • Recall activities in foreign languages
  • Press releases analysis
  • Educational tours organization, specifically for the foreign press

Digital PR/ the staff provides on-line PR services in various languages, through a proven network of correspondents and translators to ensure European and worldwide coverage.